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CVap Thermalizers allow you to control food temperature and texture with ease. Simply select one of six pre-programmed retherm and hold modes or create a custom program to set special temperatures for large proteins, frozen pre-cooked items and more. By using controlled vapor as a heat source, CVap Thermalizers can retherm some food products as much as 50 percent faster, with higher yields, than cabinets using air heat alone. Then, after the cook cycle is complete, the controls advance into an optimum CVap hold cycle. No other thermalizing cabinet gives you as much versatility or control over food safety and quality. Serve your customers food that is hot, fresh, fast, and consistent with a CVap Thermalizer.

Select your Thermalizers product

Thermalizer CA8509

half size, 9 cu. ft., 5 adjustable rack supports

Thermalizer CA8522

full size, 22 cu. ft., 14 adjustable rack supports

Thermalizer CAT507

half size, 7 cu. ft., 4 adjustable rack supports

Thermalizer CAT509

half size, 9 cu. ft., 5 adjustable rack supports

Thermalizer CAT522

full size, 22 cu. ft., 14 adjustable rack supports

Thermalizer CAT529

full size, 29 cu. ft., 14 adjustable rack supports

Umami Burger - The CVAP helps give Umami Burger its unique edge in speed, volume and food quality - an essential part of the quick service kitchen.

P. Borza Restaurants - We have been using Winston equipment for many years in all of our outlets, and will not open a food operation without it.

Hillbilly’s Fried Chicken Restaurants - Winston equipment is a key aspect to the success of our business.

Keighley KFC - It's all good news really! Product quality is just great and although Winston has increased our capacity, the unit is very compact enabling it to fit neatly under the kitchen hood.

Equus Restaurant and Jack’s Lounge - I am sold on CVap equipment and Winston Industries. I have shared my enthusiasm with this product with many of my chef friends and will continue to do so.

City Barbeque - We have found that CVap consistently outperforms the competition. Overall the equipment might cost a few more dollars but the dependability far outweighs the upfront cost.

Smoke Barbeque and Grill - CVap has been my holding cabinet and cook & hold solution for years. It has saved me in yield and kept my smoked meats hot and flavorful all day long.

Maid-Rite Diner - The Winston holding cabinet is an excellent addition to our equipment package. The BBQ is hot and ready whenever we need it. The beauty is in retaining the moisture.

Hurstbourne Country Club - In 35 years as a chef and running commercial kitchens, I have used several slow cookers, and CVap is my favorite.

White Castle - We needed holding equipment to improve speed of service and still serve a quality product. Winston rose to the top with their quality, customer service and attention to our needs.